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Pam & Les - Between sets in on Renaissance R3 in Tahiti

Pam and Les Gully, known for many years now as "Tucan", are an Australian musical entertainment duo based in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
Pam is a renowned vocalist locally and even internationally, and with a popular, effervescent personality.
Les provides another strong vocal and versatile guitar in both acoustic and electric styles.
Les and Pam grew up in the golden days of live rock when the band was ALL the entertainment and so, they love to play games and have fun interplay with the audience.
Les, as a drummer with decades of experience, also plays drums with a variety of local bands, as needed, and Pam is cherished as backing vocalist both live and on many local recording projects. Les & Pam have also featured in several special shows at Lizottes in the last couple of years.


Have a look: Click here to see a sample repertoire page.
We have many more songs under our belt, but this is a fair representation of what we do  ...the best of the most popular songs of the 20th century (and even some from this one :) )
The core of the repertoire is 60's/70's but we have a lot of 'breadth'.


Pam & Les grew up in the vibrant late 60's / 70's proto rock scene of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Though physically apart, these twin souls lived an almost parallel teenhood - they were both excellent but reluctant scholars, they didn't easily fit in "the gang", they had strong artistic leanings and they discovered "natural" musical talent in families where performing music was a joy.
So..... they joined what was then a minority that at is maybe too common these days - their rock'n'roll won out over their schoolwork - and they made it a life, together.
Pam was born and bred in Bellbird near Cessnock and her beloved Pokolbin vineyards and the couple have made it their home.
Les, although a 50's migrant from the UK who grew up in Toronto by Lake Macquarie, feels he should be considered a Bellbird local now, after a couple of decades as a resident - if you disregard about seven years on cruise ships of course.
Music has taken Pam and Les around town, around the state, around the country and the world. They were both in 70's/80's rock bands that did the Newcastle, Sydney and North Coast circuits and travelled the state and nationally. Les was in Armageddon page, Troupadores and Ward 10 and Pam was with Stash.
Later they were together in Pandemonium and The Orphans. Pam also toured Australia as vocalist with 'Swanee'.
In the mid-80's, between jaunts on P&O cruise ships, their bands were resident at Fanny's up to 4 nights a week and had a turnover of musicians that should qualify them as a Newcastle music training school.

They became a duo format as "Pam & Les" and relocated to London, where working in the UK and Europe for 4 years provided a new view and some education. "It's funny", says Les, "People have different cultures and languages but rock and roll is a common one. The ex-pat Aussies in London taught us the value of our local music. The Irish encouraged us to learn more country music and took us back to our folksy roots. The Austrians love all-sorts... AC/DC, John Denver, Trini Lopez.... Apres-ski is a great melting pot. Then there's the Americans."

Returning in 1991, they re-established at home as The Gonzo Twins and did the whole local shebang of gigs.
In the mid-90's, travel beckoned again, this time in the form of full-time contracts with P&O and Princess cruises. This saw them do about 7 years in the 90's and 00's somewhere between here and the west coast of the USA as "Tucan", a name considered by cruise directors more suitable than "The Gonzo Twins".
They've done everything from formal nights at sea to blues dives in Soho and now they live here and do mostly what they like (and maybe what you like).




Why the name "Tucan"? ......Les relates, "A famous ship's cruise director refused to use 'The Gonzo Twins' name for billing - 'too clownish'" he said. He thought it was a joke. Using the name 'Pam and Les' didn't feel right with people we'd never met before, so I came up with Tucan, another one of those word plays on 'Two of...'.
The Tucan (or Toucan) is a noisy, colourful parrot, the star of the Central American jungle - somehow appropriate for an entertaining cover band. In England they nicknamed us `Foster's and Four-Ex'." "We just say, 'We're four short of a six-pack', Pam quips.

Anyway - helping you have a good time is their idea of a great lifestyle!

As the spokesperson of a leading vineyard function venue said recently, "We've had them all here over the years and we've decided you're the only ones who know how to party!" Enough said.


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